Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dramasoc Is Best Society in the College

We all suspected it, but still its nice to be told! Dramasoc won Best Society at the Students Union Clubs and Socs awards 2007. An acknowledgment of the wide range of activities organised by the society and the huge member base, the award is a recognition of the societies contribution to the social life of N.U.I. Maynooth. Events such as the black box festival, theI.S.D.A. festival, the musical, the masquerade ball, the program of workshops, whose line is it anyway and many many more made it a great year to be involved.

Congragulations to all the members who made it a great year but special thanks to the 2006-2007 committee for running a tight ship

So cheers to Leona, Niamh, Michelle, Megan, Mark, Zita, Kerry and Paul and lets hope the coming year can be even better again!

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